- 399㎡ (120.6pyeong)

Bed type

- Room 1 : Super-King Double / room 2 : Single+Single

Maximum capacity

- 2 adults + 1 child (additional guests : 2 adult)


- Ocean View


- 15th(1 rooms)

Room amenities

Room amenities
section facilities
Bedroom TV, Personal safety box Telephone, Indoor slipper, Goose down blanket and pillow High-quality natural ingredient mattress
Bathroom Face towel /Bath towel, 100% cotton bath robe Snow powder cleanser, Shampoo, Shower & bath oil, Cream, Bubble maker, Portable pouch Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Razor, Shower cap, Cotton swab, Cotton pad, Brush/Hair dryer, Bidet, Sewing kit, Memory board
Mini bar Two bottles of mineral water, Two types of drinks, One type of beer, One type of soda water, Refrigerator, Tea kettle, Tea pot, Water cup, Coffee cup, Wine glass, Wine opener, Espresso machine, Tea
Facility Automatic heat control system, Wired and wireless Internet access, 220v outlets, Audio system, IPTV, In-door sauna facility, Simple cooking facility, Outdoor Jacuzzi facility

Customer Center : 033-650-7000