About Hotel Hyundai

About Hotel Hyundai

Hospitality Leader

Hotel Hyundai has been leading the Korean hospitality industry.

Start with the Hotel Hyundai Gyeongpodae opened in 1971, the company has push forward it’s business by opening hotels at Ulsan, Gyeongju, Mokpo and Vladivostok. At it’s every single destinations, Hotel Hyundai has been building a solid reputation as ‘A perfect hotel for successful business and delightful travel’.

In 2015, by transforming the Hotel Hyundai Gyeongpodae into the luxurious five star hotel SEAMARQ, so called the ‘”Luxtige Hotel" (luxury + prestige) featuring superior facilities and attentive services, the company has gaining the momentum to step up to the next level.

Hotel Hyundai is strongly committed to become the global hospitality leader creating an innovative paradigm of service to offer our guests more delightful life.


  • 2015. 07. 01
    Opened SEAMARQ Hotel
  • 2006. 08.16
    Opened Hotel Hyundai Mokpo
  • 1997. 08. 25
    Opened Hotel Hyundai Vladivostok
  • 1992. 07. 04
    Opened Hotel Hyundai Gyeongju
  • 1983.01.01
    Opened Hotel Hyundai Ulsan
  • 1971.07.23
    Opened Hotel Hyundai Gyeongpodae