Wedding Hall

Wedding Hall

Wedding Hall

The place to create beautiful memories : Hotel Hyundai (Gyeongju) Wedding Hall.

Introduction of Wedding Hall

Convention Hall

It can accommodate up to 700 guests, with latest sound and lighting equipment. It is the best place for a couple to prepare a new beginning

- Location : B1F
- Size : 1,498㎡(453 pyeong)

Diamond Hall

It is a hall designed specifically for luxurious wedding ceremony. We arrange a detailed wedding event with careful considerations.

- Location : B1F
- Size : 337㎡(114 pyeong)
- three wedding services for one day: (11:00, 12:30, 14:00)

Dynasty Hall

You can make a special and unforgettable wedding day with latest equipment and luxurious interior.

- Location : B2F
- Size : 748㎡(230 pyeong)

For Reservation and Inquiry

- 054-779-7301 ~ 3

Wedding Menu

Classification Price Comment
Buffet BuffetA KRW 35,000 For
Diamond Hall
BuffetB KRW 40,000
BuffetC KRW 45,000
BuffetD KRW 55,000 For Convention Hall
Dinner DinnerA KRW 60,000
Classification Price Comment
Cake 3-story cake KRW 100,000 Custom-ordered
5-story cake KRW 200,000 Custom-ordered
3-layered Artificial Cake Free
Classification Price Comment
Ornament Artificial Flower Ornament KRW 500,000 for over 200guests
Ice Piece (large) KRW 400,000 Free
Ice Piece (medium) KRW 200,000 Free
Display Fog Display KRW 50,000 Free
Bubble Display KRW 50,000 Free
Classification Price Comment
and Fee
Wedding Hall Fee KRW 2,500,000 Not including a
banquet reception
(for 200 guests)
Classification Price Comment
Music Play Pianist KRW 150,000
Piano Trio KRW 450,000 Piano, Violin,
Consumables Wedding Consumables KRW 100,000 Wedding Declaration,,
Wedding Pledge,
Gloves, Guest Book,
Wedding Benefits only available at Hyundai Hotel
Benefit 1 Free room either for a day before the wedding or the wedding day
Benefit 2 Benefit 1 (free room) and 50% discount on room for accompanying families and friends
Benefit 3 A 45-men bus is provided (for over 300 guests)
for over
200 guests
Free for artificial flower ornament, bubble display, wedding consumables, wedding room rent
(wedding hall, pyeb aek room, bride waiting room) , which is worth of KRW 700,000